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Senior Portraits: What to Expect: Erie, PA Senior Portrait Photographer

So, you have booked your senior portrait session.

Such a fun and exciting time in your life.

You might be asking yourself some questions: Where the heck are we going? What if it rains? What do I wear? Can I bring my cat? Will there be snacks?

Slow down, I gotchu.


Let’s start with clothing.

Choose 3 outfits. I like to tell my clients to choose two and let your mom choose one. She’s probably the one paying for the session and will be the one to display the ginormous print of you on her wall for all of eternity. Indulge her. Guys, if you are reading this you might want to let mom pick all of your outfits. I am just kidding…kinda.


By the way, seniors usually just change in their car. If you are not okay with that -let me know so I can strategically get you to a restroom.

Try to choose 3 different outfits rather than one style in just different colors.

When we meet up - we can review what you brought with you and decide which will be best for the locations we have chosen.

That brings me to my next topic.

Location, Location, Location.


We typically go to 3 places. Over the years I seem to have developed a recipe for location


2. woods

3. buildings

I like to make sure that we have a nice variation of backdrops.

I have plenty of places in mind. If you have a special place in mind please tell me. Or you can tell me “I like the beach, a field and a creek. I got it! I will take it from there. Over the years I have learned some great spots and more importantly - I know where and when the light is good at many places.



Grrr - weather is the bane of my existence. Let’s be in touch the day before your session - sometimes rescheduling is necessary. I keep dates open for such things so that we can get you in immediately. Please don’t fret. I will fret enough for all of us.

Side note: there’s nothing I detest more than when we make a decision to reschedule and it turns out to be nice out. Infuriating!

Ok, next topic!



Listen, if I find out that you have a dog and don’t let me meet it I might be a little upset. Seriously - if your dog or cat or snake or turtle or iguana means a lot to you - let’s include it! I can meet you at your home if need be for a few quick shots. Don’t worry about your dog being hyper or worry about it jumping on me. If I go down like that - so be it. I have 3 big dogs - I ain’t skeert. Snakes….maybe a little skeert.

(Skeert = scared)

What to Bring:

  1. A Person: I recommend bringing a parent/parents. I do not recommend bringing the whole family. It can be a little much. This is your day - the more people that tag along - well it takes a way from YOU . You can come by yourself too.

  2. Props - feel free to bring sports paraphernalia, instrument - whatever you like. Let me know ahead of time so I can get my creative juices flowin’!




YESSS I want to see your ideas. If you saw something on instagram or pinterest and you are all like “I want this” - please share it with me! If it’s a look, a pose etc… I want to know about it.

Send me a screen shot or a link - but please limit this to 5 samples. I definitely want to know your ideas but I can’t replicate 100 .


What to expect after our session:

I am excited to see your photos and I know you are too . I will post a sneak peek within a few days on facebook( Unless you would rather I not do that - I can send your photos to you privately - no big deal)

Then, it will take a few weeks (3-7 typically, depending on what time of year) all of your photos will be done. I will send an email containing a link to your photos, download instructions and copyright release, which will allow you to print your photos anywhere you like. You can create Grad announcements - anything you like.

One last thing

Get a good night’s sleep and eat a little something prior to your session. I don’t want you to be sleepy or hangry.

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