EEK!  Who likes to talk about them-self?   Not me. Here goes.... I am a wife, mom, photographer, former chubby girl turned fitness freak.   I like keeping on the Sunny Side of Life and am usually laughing.  

I have a separate blog on my website dedicated to all of the nonsense that goes on in my life.  I talk about fitness, my pets and my family.  If you are interested, take a look.  

This might sound cheesy but I can't think of a better way to put this:  One of my life's biggest blessings is the time I have spent with my clients.  I feel a special bond with those I photograph and through the power of facebook I am so happy to stay in touch with them.


I started my business way back in 2006.  

Erie's Choice for Photography 2009, 2010 and 2012

(What, was I sleeping in 2011?)

Voted the Knot's "Best of" 2012

I could talk about this guy all day.

548787_10152103896450106_1612766141_n (1).jpg

This is my husband, Kirk.  He does my scheduling and is our videographer.    He is the best husband and dad in the world.  He likes waterfowl hunting (even before Duck Dynasty made it cool) and is the Football Booster President for our High School Football team.  

He began shooting video in 2009 and we love the opportunity to work together.  

IMG_2976 copy.jpg

This is my son, Austin.  He has worked with me believe it or not since he was 14.  He is now a student at Edinboro University, earning a degree in Social Work. He also works part time as a ref. 

He is my main second shooter and also helps Kirk out as second shooter as well.  We have other helpers but he is my main go-to guy.