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Erie, PA Photographer - Weddings - Seniors - Family - Newborn - Pets

​Erie PA Wedding and lifestyle photographer.  


Where will we go?  Don't worry I have lots of great places!  I am always up for suggestions though so please share them with me.  However, after years of experience I know great spots, depending on time of year, time of day, wind direction etc.  (That might sound silly but trust me - it all matters!)

My "area" is pretty broad from Erie, Crawford and Ashtabula counties.

For seniors, children and families we can go to up to 3 locations in the same "vicinity".

What to Wear?

Seniors bring 3 changes of clothes!
For families of small children and children's sessions, I don't recommend clothing changes. 

Here is my pinterest board dedicated to what to wear.

For seniors, I ask that each outfit be different than the others.  Let's go for 3 looks.  I will check them out and we can discuss which outfit will go with which background the best.

For families, It isn't necesary to match exact colors.  My mom is a quilter and she explained to me how to pick fabrics and I think this goes with portraits too.  Choose a pattern for one person, then pull the colors out of that pattern for the others.  Think about it.  Check out that pinterest board - lots of inspiration.


Everything is set up so that you may order online at any time in the comfort of your own home. I am not really set up to "proof" with you.  If you need help ordering I can walk you through it and actually will be adding a video to show you.

Many sessions include a print credit.

I will email you that code and you enter it just like you are using any coupon code online.  

As an example of what you can get here are some samples of my current pricing.

4x6 = $5

5x7 = $7

8x10 = $12

So on and so forth.

If you would like to order all of your digital images from a session you may do so by emailing me at ktmihalak@gmail.com and we can make payment arrangements and you may download them instantly to your computer.


Weather plays a big role in our sessions as most of them are "On Location"  I pay close, close attention to the conditions. I AGONIZE OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, please if I ask if we can reschedule due to inclimate weather it is because I have thoroughly thought it over and experience has taught me that icky weather can make for a bad experience.  I can't control the weather.  I can't even control my laundry. 

What Type of Camera Should I Buy?

This is a question that I get a lot from people and it is a toughie for me.  I know my camera inside and out.  I could operate it with my eyes closed.  But I am not a camera salesperson.  I don't know the ins and outs of the latest dslr's etc...   I don't know what you want to use it for.  I don't know what your knowledge level is.  
I would encourage you to go to your local camera store in Erie and Meadville that would be Van Tuil or Best Buy.  Sorry I can't be of more help!

How Do I Use My Camera?

I just started offering camera classes. This is something that I plan on continuing in my "off season".  Check out my facebook page for future announcements.


Eek! We have an appointment coming up and I can't make it - or we have a session and the weather is terrible! Don't fear - I leave immediate dates open for this very reason.  It won't take you 3 months to get another appointment with me.  It can be the next week.


I try to donate to and help as many organizations as I can but I have a limit as to much how much I can help.  Please keep asking me but don't take it personally if I just can't give any more. :)


Can we bring pets?  YESSSSSSSSSS  Maybe bring another friend to help out with them when they aren't in the photos.

In Home Sessions

If I am coming to your home, this is what happens.

I will come in and look for bright spots.  For babies, bedrooms work great. I just ask that the bed is cleared off and made.  I don't care if your room is clean or not.  (If it helps I will show you pics of my house so you don't go nuts trying to clean.)

Often times I will ask if we can move a piece of furniture to use a wall as a background.  I find some weird spots that make for good backgrounds.  I feel it is a gift! LOL


Please feed your baby right before I arrive.  make sure they are in a dry diaper.  Sleeping is best and milk comas are a perfect time to photograph.  Make sure your home is toasty warm.  (I can bring a space heater if need be.)  

If you have older children let's try to keep them in another room until we are ready for them :)